Restarting the conversation

Posted: January 2, 2012 in Uncategorized
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A new year! You’ll get no romantic rhetoric from me today about clean slates….nor wistful nostalgia of a year gone by. But I am feeling introspective. Sorry about that. Maybe you should check back next time….

Two years ago, I had a blog. It was kind of like an on-line book club. We read a youth ministry book and discussed it online. Readership was high until I pruned my schedule and put the blog on hold.

For the past couple of months, I have run around in my miind in predictable circles. Should I restart my blog? Maybe. Am I being narcissistic? Probably. Do I have something genuinely helpful to offer? I think so. Do I read other’s blogs? Only a few. Who would want to read mine? Who knows?! Is my schedule any better this time around? No.

In the end, I have a core value that drives me. Passing the faith to the next generation is the job of the whole community of faith. Not in a superior, top-down kind of way. But in an intergenerational partnership to fulfill God purposes in our time. And while I wrestle with abiding and achieving (and yes, I do know which one Christ commanded), I am compelled to offer whatever I can, however I can, for as long as I can, to this end.

I have more questions than answers most of the time. I know that unsettles many who find security in answers and are threatened by questions. But if you are okay with questions….and conversation….and my idiosyncracies and blind spots….maybe we can learn from each other….and spur one another on!

  1. I love it. I’m re-starting up my blog this year for the same reasons. I want to be able to share information about books I am reading, articles I have came across and even discussions with other youth pastors. I guess my is going to be a informational/resource blog for parents, students and other youth leaders.

    Looking forward to reading what is on your brain!


  2. Sarah Duff says:

    Always desiring to stretch myself to live with more questions without assuming the answers will appear immediately. 🙂 Welcome back, Hal’s blog.

  3. Mindi says:

    I just love to read what you write. And you are not narcissistic for writing a blog. Writing helps us think, and often someone else can something we didn’t even expect.

  4. scottywad says:

    I’m happy to hear this and will be looking forward to it. Can’t get enough Hal conversation, questions and answers. Love and respect your insight and know and share your heart.

    • Scott Lewis says:

      Just reread Ken’s comments and love the reference to people being a meeting place. On a few rare occasions I’ve been blessed with the chance to peer into the person I was conversing withs soul, and literally see their inner being. Maybe I’m weird or some kind of freak or maybe it is more the norm than I realize. What I have found is that those type of people are not only a meeting place but a gathering place. People don’t meet there. They’re drawn there. Hal happens to be one of those people. I met another once in Mexico; a total stranger, but I sat and listened and talked with them for hours. Ken is right about us being meeting places, and every once in awhile we find that rare place we keep returning to. If only more of us were like that.

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