Asking the Experts: Part I

Posted: January 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

Yesterday evening a father of teens shared a great parenting tip with me. It got me thinking – What are some of the best tips (big or small) for parenting/shepherding teens you have received or learned along the way?

  1. Really listen when they talk. Teens want to be heard without judgment or a lot of interruption. If you make yourself available and really listen…turn your full attention to them, make eye contact, and hear what they are saying without getting defensive; they will talk to you. Teens want to know that you truly care about what they are feeling. Whether adults think it is a big deal or not does not matter, it is a big deal to them. If we will take them seriously and are open to them, they will come to us and share their world with us. Only then can we really speak into their lives.

    • halhamilton says:

      Thanks, Debbie. You forgot to mention that this is mostly after 10:00 PM ;-).

      This is a wonderful tip. My mother did and still really does listen to me. It is one of the great shaping influences in my life.

  2. scottywad says:

    Sorry but got to borrow from your blog title here with a couple additions.

    Living: Always walking truthrully before them.
    Loving: Remind them daily that you care about their world.
    Laughing: Never be to busy to stop and enjoy life with them.
    Listening: Let them know they matter by stopping to hear what is important to them.
    Learning: Admitting that we don’t know everything and loving enough to seek out the answer.
    Leading: Teach them by your own example.

  3. Marty says:

    The biggest one for me since I grew up in the Church Christian school etc. was getting out of my Christian bubble. Its easy to give the right answers in Sunday school, but its tough when your friends are all doing the not right answer. Having someone to bounce things off who you wont feel will tell on you or judge you, but who you respect, admire, and look up to. I love grow groups for this reason because many times you dont want to admit to your parents that you would ever think about doing THAT.
    Also getting to be there when someone witnesses to someone is amazing experience as it is real life experience, very practical (getting to hear why a person doesnt believe, but then the response of the mentor), builds confidence that you can do it too, makes you want to dive into the word, and gets you pumped about Jesus.
    Your the man Hal.

  4. Becky Dunlap says:

    Be there for them when they are young so that they will come to you when they are older.

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