Pranking the Youth Pastor

Posted: January 21, 2012 in Uncategorized
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When I moved to my first youth ministry position after college, I was pretty green and eager.  After our first Sunday evening worship, several teens came up to me.  “It’s a tradition for us to take the youth minister out for pizza.  Want to come?”

I agreed and asked if I could invite the senior pastor as well.   It would be good to get them enjoying each other.  “Sure,” they said.  “She can be our guest as well!”  We had a good time.  And kids came out of the woodwork to attend.

Toward the end of the evening, my senior pastor was waxing eloquent on some topic.  Kids began to shove money and bills toward me.  “Here’s for our pizza.  We gotta go.”  I engaged with them to say goodbye, but not with what was being put in my hand.  When everyone had cleared out except the senior pastor and I….and the topic began to wane….I began to count the money.  I had in my hand about 16 dollars and bills for over $100 worth of pizza.

And no wallet.  Since I was being invited as a guest I had not run home for my wallet.  I turned to the senior minister, “Well, I’ve been had. You can either loan me the money or I’ll be here all week doing dishes.”  She paid.  And extracted her repayment from me by using me as sermon illustration fodder from the pulpit for weeks to come.  I was never sure.  She may have been in on the whole thing.

Just for fun…..youth ministers, how have you been pranked?  The rest of you, what have you done to your poor (and perhaps deserving) youth minister?

  1. I remember a youth pastor teaching a bunch of high school boys on a mission trip to Tennessee how to penny someone in their dorm room. Actually… I learned a lot about pranks that mission trip, like when to prank and when not to prank.

    Good times!

  2. Jon Ferguson says:

    It’s not very original, but we were TPed quite a few times. The best was when one kid climbed up on the roof to wrap the chimney. Maybe you could write about youth pastors pranking teens…

  3. Matt Hawkins says:

    Since I was such an angel, I respected my youth leaders (-: My church camp counselors, on the other hand … late-night noisemakers, greased door handles, swapped clothing and Kool-Aid powder in shower heads. Unfortunately, we never smuggled in any water balloon launchers.

    • halhamilton says:

      Camp counselors….wow, you are taking this to a whole ‘nother level, Matt! Chickens in the girl’s bunkhouse (they naturally move to roost on the top bunk), a goose in the camp director’s cabin (sorry Carol), instructing all campers to make sure and visit the nurse before lunchtime, I’ve heard of such things.

  4. scottywad says:

    Not on a youth pastor but too funny not to share.
    While on a mission trip to Mexico with a group of college students.
    One church we worked at gave us the only gift they could for installing electricity in their church. It was the ugliest chicken you could imagine. We had to at least take it with us back to where we were staying.
    The “seasoned” pastor on the trip with us took the chicken out of the box it had been in without the college girls knowing. Timing it perfectly as the girls came down the stairs for devotions. He went into a rant; “that dad blame chicken bit me” and kicked the box across the room. College girls screaming and crying out of fear for the poor chicken, and grown men crying from laughing.

  5. Christa says:

    Our girls bible study used to prank our youth pastor every week! Our best one was a mixture of streamers, TP, rearranging furniture, and placing about 300 cups of water in his office(9 of which had live goldfish).

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