That’s my mom’s name for this Civic actually. And since she and dad owned it for the first 280,000 miles or so of her life I suppose she gets that right. Anyway, the name stuck. And Old Faithful she has been.

In 1998 my parents gifted her to me and I drove her around 15,000 miles or so over the next two years. She ran like a dream. But an impending move, a fender-bender, and a failing alternator convinced me to let her go to one of my youth who was making a long commute in a four wheel drive full-size pickup. Mechanically inclined, he was delighted to pay me $50 and take the car.

Two years ago (and a decade later) a chance phone conversation led me to discover that the young man who bought the Civic had just bought another car. I called him and offered $100 sight unseen for the vehicle. It took a little money to get her ready for my kids to drive, but not too bad for a car pushing 330,000 miles.

For the last two years, first my daughter and now my son have used her to commute to school. Until last night. At 357,233 miles Old Faithful decided it was time to retire for good. As I sit here waiting for the tow truck (75 minutes so far) I am remembering….and reflecting on faithfulness.

That was going to be it for today’s post. Just a fluff nostalgia piece on my old Civic DX.

BUT…reflecting on faithfulness takes me back to this morning’s confirmation class. Coach Connie (working with youth and children in our church now for 44 years on June 1. Chaplain for Miss America pageant for 34 years) was telling the stories of 126 years of faithfulness ( since a group of Indians and settlers came together to start a church in “Tulsey Town.”

We saw the apron that Mother Mobery used to collect the weapons at the door so her husband could preach. We heard the stories of the Red Brick revival and our church becoming a hospital during the race riots. We heard again about the Joash chest walk in 1929 when people gave belongings such as silver, jewelry,anything of value to save the church. And many more. This church has been faithful and home to the faithful.

But more than stories, we saw and heard from the passionate, godly FAITHFUL Coach Connie as she loved on a room full of confirmands.

A faint allegory and a rich reflection of the Father’s faithfulness. Thanks, Lord, for giving me opportunity and eyes to see.

Have you seen faithfulness this week?

  1. stacy says:

    That is beautiful…

    Faithfulness… I’ve been privileged to see my parents show faithfulness to each other for almolst 60 years. My husband has faithfully loved me for 22 years of marriage. Yesterday in church, the pastor walked through the word/table service for communion step by step… which really emphasized GOD’s faithfulness to us.

  2. halhamilton says:

    Thanks, Stacy. Sweet pictures of faithfulness. My parents and my wife have done the same for me.

    I taught a seminar on baptism and on communion last year. Pretty powerful to walk through carefully what they meant in preparation for teaching.

    I discovered in writing this that I am immersed in images of His faithfulness.

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