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Posted: August 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

This is good by Seth Godin.

I have seen this pattern as I have grown in youth ministry over the last 26 years:

The more effectively I have recognized and used my “down time” to plan, to strategize, to lay groundwork, to become intentional….both the more “down time” has been the result AND the more effective I have been with the the rest of my life.

The surprise was that this was not zero-sum economics! The extra down time did not come from “people time” but from time/energy/passion that was previously wasted by waiting until everything was urgent to invest.

My sense of busy-ness came from my own lack of perspective (see Seth Godin above), my need to feel important, and my pride in devaluing the work of preparation. There are caveats, but I don’t want to lose the point. Can anyone relate?