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For years I challenged the kids in my youth group to compete with me….to try and outpick me with their own March Madness bracket.  Anyone who did better than I would get a free meal with me at a fast food restaurant of their choice.

It wasn’t that I was all that good – althoughI did okay.   (I am a college basketball fan – a long-time member of Big Blue Nation! I grew up in central where people learn their basketball before they learn to talk.)   It just didn’t matter. I got to share an experience with a bunch of students for the month of March. It had legs to continue year after year. Bragging rights were a big deal. Sometimes the most unexpected people won. Posting the bracket copies on my office door created a lot of traffic on Sundays.

And every time I lost, I won. I got to take a student to dinner….and they got to brag about it.

Selection Sunday is tomorrow. Feel free to steal the idea and change it to fit!