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My friend Mark Riddle asked my staff the other day, “What have you postponed saying no to so that you could say yes?”  Chew on that one a little bit.  I have been for about three weeks.

The question was a catalyst for me.  I won’t bore you with all the details, but over the break I began to prune.  I chose an area of my life and began.   No more basic cable (why do I need local channels?), no more home phone (time to join this century!), no more station wagon (that extra vehicle costs even when you are not using it) and so on.  I’m just getting started.  I expect to be pruning for awhile!

What do you think?   I’ve lived all my life a kind of Carpe Diem kind of guy…only I like to think it has been Carpe AEternitas!  I grab the opportunity….move strategically ahead…not really in a type A ambitious sort of way, but to genuinely invest in others.  But I don’t think I have developed well the skill (or is it a spiritual discipline?) of saying no.  And I am beginning to suspect that all my yeses have in fact resulted in more nos than I have realized along the way.

I look forward to saying some powerful “Yes”.  But first, I have some catching up on “No” to do.