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When my oldest daughter was two years old, I watched The Father of the Bride. (The 1991 remake with Steve Martin, not the Spencer Tracy classic from 1950) Someone had told me it was a great comedy. I was totally ambushed by the flood of feelings that came at the thought of letting my little girl go. I suddenly realized with more than a little panic, “From here on out, my fathering is a gradual letting go! I thought it would be different. I don’t know if I can do this!”

That was then, this is now. Earlier this week, an outstanding young man called me to ask for my blessing and counsel as he and my oldest daughter planned a wedding and a life together. Again, I was a little unprepared for my emotions. Years ago I expected to laugh. This time around I expected to grieve. In both cases, I was wrong.

I’m excited for Rebekah and Philippe. They love the Lord. They are facing life with courage, creativity, and compassion. They laugh easily and include others well. They bring out the best in each other and don’t shy away from the rest. They are not conformers, but transformers with the favor of God clearly on their lives. Those that know Philippe talk about what an incredible guy Rebekah is getting. Those that know Rebekah talk about the treasure that Philippe has found. I’m as proud as can be to be Rebekah’s dad. And I’m as pleased as possible to welcome Philippe to the family.

God gave us an incredible gift with Rebekah’s life….a gift that keeps on giving. I probably will cry at the wedding. But it will be tears of joy and thanksgiving!