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Yesterday I watched the movie Inception again.  A masterful movie on many levels!

I was struck by how little responsibility Cobb takes for the problems he creates. Although deeply wounded, he is talented, driven, confident in his own ability….and so any problems he encounters must be someone else’s fault!  I found myself wondering if people younger than me saw that as a real issue….or if they saw it as normal and appropriate. I started to ask my college kids, but they were not interested in waxing philosophical in the middle of a movie!

Of course, I resonated with the mantra (repeated at least three times) of “taking a leap of faith or becoming an old man, full of regret, waiting to die alone.” Who would ever choose the regrets?!?   I made a few current applications in my head about my own life and remembered with pleasure the mantra my friend David B. and I had in college: “Has this been done before? Let’s do it. College is made of memories!”

But mostly, I got caught on the interplay of what was dream and what was the real world.  And caught by the picture of those who daily escaped the real world to dream…and the one old guy who appears to say that dreams are reality and who are any of them to say differently.

What is real? Where is the “real world?”

I grew up in a very small town. My peers couldn’t wait to get out into the “real world.” I went to a Christian college. Many chafed and complained about being in a bubble and not in the “real world.”  I went to Seminary with professional students while I worked blue collar jobs. I definitely felt many of my classmates were in an ivory tower and not in the “real world.”  And for the last 26 years, I have worked with students and families that are often happy to compartmentalize their faith…to spend an hour a week to get recharged before going back into the “real world.”

But I agree with C.S. Lewis, that we are living (at best) in the shadowlands. That which is real we do not yet fully experience. And I believe living in the Kingdom is reality….the rest is a dream state, or even a voluntary sedation that keeps us from reality.

Do you agree? If you do, how do you keep connected to the real world. How do you help others experience reality?