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Tim Tebow has quickly replaced Rebekah Black, Justin Bieber, and a few other “notables” as the person about whom everyone has to have an opinion.  We read and hear responses all over the map – from deep respect to deep disgust with lots of bad theology, nonsense and bandwagon jumping thrown in.   This phenomenon has provided a wonderful opportunity to think and talk about faith in the public arena.  It has exposed some of us.  And it has provided some fascinating insight into our culture.

Walt Mueller of the Center for Parent Youth Understanding posted of discussing Tebow in his class through the grid of Rienhold Neibuhr’s five approaches to culture.  I don’t know about you, but I would have enjoyed sitting in that class.

One insight I enjoyed came from a brilliant professor at Southern Illinois University who is a good friend.  Part of his insight was to suggest that Tebow’s appeal comes from the fact that “Too few of us are willing to take the risks associated with invoking God or Jesus unless it’s a safe environment (e.g., church, family). As a result, many Christians live vicariously through people like Tebow and lay claim to his boldness by singing his praises.”

What do you think?  About Tim Tebow?  Sure that’s fair game.  But even more, what do you think our reaction to him says about us!?!