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I'm an editor and a passionate supporter and advocate for the self-publishing community.

My mission is to be a source of positivity and learning, and to help authors discover new confidence and ambition.

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My books are open for self-publishing authors seeking an editor to push their novel to the next level.


The author-editor relationship is about more than fixing errors. It's a collaboration involving support, learning, and a shared vision.

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Hal is a novel editor specialising in independent and self-publishing authors.

Born and educated in England, Hal currently lives in Hong Kong. She has trained extensively in editing, has a degree in English Literature, and is a fully qualified teacher. She is a member of EFA (Editorial Freelancers Association).


What I Can Do for You

Are you new to professional editing? Unsure which kind of editing is suitable? Remove the guesswork! Send an extract from your manuscript and answer a few short questions, and Hal will contact you with advice and a sample edit.

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Developmental Editing

Starts from $0.03/word

Analyse structure, genre, main and sub plots, character and GMC, tension, point of view and use of backstory. Uncover strong plot threads, design resonant characters, and keep readers turning pages and rooting for the hero from start to finish.

Line Editing

Starts from $0.04/word

Polish the words, phrases and dialogue until your reader slips out of reality and becomes immersed in the world you create. Hal's light touch will preserve your vision and tone, while serving the reader to ensure an unforgettable reading experience.


Starts from $0.02/word

The ultimate in attention to detail. Hal is an expert in Chicago Style and works with both British and American English. She will provide you with own industry-ready style sheet to ensure consistency in all your sequels. Hal will make sure your story is ready for publication, with not a typo in sight.

Native English Adjustments

Starts from $0.02/word

Are you anxious about writing in English? Do your sentences have unintentional double meanings? Having trouble choosing the right tense? Are that the right preposition?

Hal will proof-read and adjust your copy to ensure perfect English every time. She is native British, from London UK, with 15 years experience in ESL. Gently adjust your copy to deliver your message in accurate English.


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